History of Colonial First Mortgage

Colonial First Mortgage Funding Corp. is a licensed Florida Mortgage Broker that has been family owned and operated since 1996. Areas of expertise include Conventional, FHA, VA and Commercial mortgages. Colonial First Mortgage also has extensive knowledge with Foreign Nationals as well as Commercial Mortgage Loans. Some of the services provided include, pre-approvals and free analyzation of potential homeowners credit, income and asset snapshot. Thorough experience in analyzing a potential homeowners credit to determine eligibility and explaining the process of credit scoring is something Colonial First Mortgage can do instantly. Another important aspect of potential homeownership, is the analyzing of usable income, as this can vary based upon job type and salary type. For example, self-employed borrowers tend to be lost when it comes to being able to determine how much useable income they can count to determine eligibility. As with any service provider, being an educated consumer will only help you in the long run. Colonial First Mortgage specializes in educating and informing you of any and all mortgage loan options available to you based on your financial situation. Mortgage loans are very much individual based on several differ factors, and Colonial First Mortgage, can help you understand not only what those factors are, but also, help you maximize your ability to get the most out of them. Colonial First Mortgage will also work directly with your Realtor as well as your Attorney to insure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Refinance transactions are handle with extreme care to make sure the loan you are applying or looking for makes the most sense for you the consumer. Understanding the closing costs and explaining money saving ways, such as re-issue on title, and getting inspections for Home Owners insurance are two more ways Colonial First Mortgage can help you. Please do not hesitate to call us to speak to one of our agents 7 days to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have. Earning your business is what we strive to do, and taking the time to explain what your different options is something we pride ourselves in. Knowing how much money the transaction will cost is not something we take lightly. We do not send out generic quotes! We cater a specific quote to meet your needs and wants and make sure you understand each and every fee associated with the loan. Mortgage guidelines can be very tricky to understand, but at Colonial First Mortgage, our reputation will put you at ease.

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