Refinancing can make sense for different reasons. No matter what the reason is for you...

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Purchasing a home is one of life’s great achievements and still The American Dream. Whether you’re buying your very first home or you’re an experienced home buyer...

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Getting Pre-Aproved

In today's real estate market a pre-approval letter is a must. Get yours today and the offer you place will be taken seriously.

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Colonial First Mortgage was opened in August 1996 and has had continued success to present day. Serving primarily South Florida we also finance throughout the entire state. Our primary focus is helping families “finance the American dream”. In doing so we feel it is a strong contribution to the surrounding communities. Colonial First also does commercial financing and by doing so we are able to help many small businesses own their own buildings. This again contributes to the economy of South Florida. We pride ourselves in being one of the few small mortgage companies that have “weathered the storm” in the up’s and downs of the Mortgage Industry. Here at Colonial First we take a positive and optimistic approach to the home values in Florida. The housing market is still strong in a lot of areas and there are still many lenders that are making loans. We specialize in many loans, but we are known for the following: Florida VA Loans, Florida FHA Loans and Florida Jumbo Loans.


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